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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 21, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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and right now at 11:00, a live look here from cuba where pope francis is holding his second outdoor mass of his trip to the island. today, he is at revolution square in holguin, the eastern side of the island, about 350,000 people. and we will continue to check in on the pope from time to time through the next hour. new parking restrictions are in place that the hour as the pope's visit to philadelphia fast approaches. workers towed cars overnight to clear certain areas. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. we are less than five days away now from pope francis' arrival
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and drivers are already feeling the effects. the no parking zone expanded about two hours ago. people parked in the areas see here shaded in yellow. had to move their cars a couple hours ago, by 9 a.m. nbc 10 cameras caught some cameras being towed away last night. philadelphia parking authority just told us they towed 67 cars last night. drivers do have the option of buying a $20 placard that will let them leave their car on the street until thursday and then move it to a parking garage. with that, let's check in how the road closures are affecting traffic at this hour. get right over to jessica with the problems this morning. hey, jessica. >> hey, vai. dealing with a lot of road closures and dealing with no-parking zones. kelly drive eastbound between fairmount avenue and aikens oval is closed now until tuesday the 29th. now, we are talking about preparing for the pope and those no-parking areas. the ben franklin parkway is now currently closed at the art museum circle up to logan
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circle. so in this stretch right in here there are no parking in areas around the ben franklin parkway, pretty much two blocks north or south of the parkway, in between 12 and 25th. we highlighted a map here for you to show you exactly what we are talking about these yellow spots right in here are the no-parking zones already. the turquoise area is no parking starting tuesday at 6 p.m. and on wednesday the 23rd, starting at 9 a.m. there will be additional no-parking street he is added sporadically around the area. so, do not park in these spots, you will be towed. and if you are one of the ones that have been towed already, call 888-591-36363 to fig your it all out. bye. >> good advice. thank you. ten days of the world meeting of families are already arriving in philadelphia. nbc 10's katie zachary is live for must the digital operations center with a look at how they were welcomed at philadelphia international airport. hi, katie. >> yeah, that's right, good morning. the thousands of volunteers flying into philadelphia, our world meeting of volunteers.
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they are at philadelphia international airport, you can't miss them, wearing bright orange shirt and carrying bags of sun place. at the airport alone there will be 1,000 volunteers greeting and helping travelers from now until next monday. you will find them at various baggage claims, walking around or standing at kiosks. they are armed with information to make this event as seamless as possible for out of towners. >> this is it. i mean, this is where it all starts. the pope isn't here for another couple days but we do have the world meeting of families that starting tomorrow. the ground running right from day one and yeah, exciting. >> reporter: and that information that's being handed out, as you saw, at kiosks around the baggage claims, i picked up some in various languages. right here, i have chinese and spanish. live in the digital operations center, katie zachary, nbc 10 news. >> won't be missing those orange shirts either. pope francis is continuing his visit to cuba in the eastern part of the country today before he heads to washington. and here's another live look now
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at cuba's third largest city, holguin, where the pontiff is celebrating mass right now at revolution plaza. of course, he is celebrating in his native language of spanish. and he will visit a shrine later on and then will head to cuba's second largest city of santiago. the holy father flew into holguin this morning where singing children and a small crowd waving cuban and vatican flags greeted pope francis at the airport. and yesterday, pope francis celebrated mass before thousands of people in havana's revolution plaza. he shared a message of devotion to faith, family and service. it was an overwhelming and emotional moment. >> you can, like, feel the mood of everyone. everybody is happy. everybody is excite and everybody is focused on the mass. >> pope francis even took a little subtle jab at the communist system during his
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homily, saying service to others is the path to greatness and that it's never ideological. after mass, pope francis met with retired cuban revolutionary leader, fidel castro. cuban television broadcast video of that meeting, which lasted about 40 minutes. the two discussed religion and world affairs, also exchanged books in an atmosphere that a vatican spokesman described as "very relaxed, fraternal and friendly." cuba's president, raul castro, also sat down for a private meeting with pope francis. he thanked the holy father for his help in restoring diplomatic ties with the united states. and of course, stay with nbc 10 for your complete coverage of the world meeting of families and pope francis' visit. check the nbc 10 news app for all the information that you need to know from parking and road closures to what you can and cannot bring to the parkway.
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and here's a live look at the ben franklin parkway, where a stage is being constructed for this weekend's festivities. will our stretch of nice weather continue through the papal visit? lots of people want to know. nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz, is here with that answer. glenn? >> vai, the weather certainly has changed from what we saw over the weekend. a lot of clouds out there, complete overcast over much of the area. we don't see any rain at the moment, but it's getting closer as it moves through portions of virginia. the greatest threat for any kind of rain would be north and west of the philadelphia area later today. up to 68 degrees in philadelphia, up to 70 in parts of south jersey, but still in the low 60s, reading, pottstown, pretty cool, especially compared to what we saw last week. so, for the rest of the day, we see temperatures not really rising a whole lot, only getting into the low 70s with cloudy skies and a chance for some
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rain, especially, again, in western counties, like in chester and berks county, upper montgomery, and that is for the afternoon rush, a portion of it, we will talk about the chances for rain for the rest of the week with the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> all right, see you then. skyforce10 over a building fire in north philadelphia this morning, flames tore through this building on 16th and indiana. we are going to find out if anyone was hurt. and firefighters were busy battling a fire in south philadelphia. flames started on the first floor of this house on 4th and dickenson at about 3:15 this morning. crews got the fire quickly under control. no one was hurt. excuse me. police believe a motorcycle gang is behind a shooting that killed one man and injured three others at a bar in northeast philadelphia yesterday. gunfire broke out after 6 p.m. at the tang gar ray tavern on
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pratt street. witnesses spotted more than a dozen motorcycles leaving the scene. our camera captured a number of them down on the ground. police say some of the victims were brought to the hospital wearing jackets with the logo of a motorcycle club named wheels of soul. >> bikes parked down there, there's one laying on its side like they tried to get away and sped out. >> 34-year-old man died in the shooting. we don't know his name yet. police say at least two of the victims are in critical condition, including the suspect. and philadelphia police say a 12-year-old girl missing since yesterday afternoon has been found safe. cameras captured these images of the girl at 30th street station boarding a septa train headed for warminster. she then got on another train heading back to philadelphia a short time later. police tell us blackwell was located last night at children's hospital of philadelphia. she suffers from seizures and memory loss because of recent
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brain surgery. well, it wasn't the home opener eagles fans had planned much the birds lost an ugly one to the dallas cowboys and two key injuries could give chip kelly's team a further uphill battle. first, the game. quarterback sam bradford throwing two interceptions last night. and the cowboys defense, they held the birds to single-digit rushing yards. dallas doubled the eagles time of special, also doubled them in the final score, cowboys, 20, birds, 10. and here's chip kelly after the game. >> i thought our defense played outstanding today. and i don't think the offense did anything, especially in the run game, where we could complement what our defense was doing. i think our defense played well and our offense didn't play at all. >> i think we are really frustrated right now. um, you know, but we are not going to give up, we are not gonna quit. we are gonna get in there on tuesday, figure out what we need to get corrected, move on, that's all we can do >> according to the front page
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of today's daily news, the eagles are in need of a divine intervention and pope francis could be the man tasked with the job when he visits philadelphia this weekend. as we mentioned, two injuries make the loss even worse. linebacker keiko alonzo injured the same knee that kept him out all of last season while he was in buffalo. he is scheduled for an mrism today. mychal kendricks left yesterday's game with a hamstring injury. and let's get another live look now, revolution square in holguin, cuba, as pope francis celebrates his second outdoor mass on his trip to the island. hear the children's choir sing. we will follow the pope's journey to the americas. and if you aren't able to see the pope when he is in philadelphia, you can still have a chance to see some historic objects from the vatican. we will show you how. we will have that coming up. and how does vice president joe biden's wife feel about her
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husband's possible presidential run? would she support it? find out if she is on board, coming up. and we are tracking some showers. i will show you when they may arrive, plus i will have the weather outlook for the papal visit. it is all ahead in my 7-day forecast.
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gonna take another live look now at revolutionary scare in
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holguin, cuba, as pope francis celebrates the second outdoor mass of his trip to the island. he is speaking now. in the evening, he will head to cuba's second largest city of santiago. and here in philadelphia, just in time for the arrival of pope francis,
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never been before seen in an exhibition outside rome. >> rather amazing. the franklin institute, of course, traditionally a science museum and historically, always been, of course, tension between art and -- or religion and science. so, tell me why the franklin institute is the perfect place for this exhibit, larry. >> i think one of the things is the institute has become the east coast destination for premiere traveling exhibits. we have brought king tut, we have brought cleopatra and comp pay. here, bringing agriculturing cu exhibition, we want to learn more, we are curious, we are inspired. that's what this exhibit will do for folks. >> the exhibit has adjusted some of the hours because of the papal visit, so, tell us more about that. >> we are open late every night this week to 9:00 through thursday night. we will be 5 on friday and reopen on monday morning. and this exhibit will last through february 15th.
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great for people that are visiting but also great for philadelphia for a long time. >> one of the great things about the franklin institute, for local, you go down there, park your car and go see some of the world's best exhibits. if you have kids, this is great for kids, but i think you have some of the absolute best things there for kids, great learning museum and exhibit. thank you very much, larry, for coming in. >> vatican splernsd exhibit runs through february 15th. go to our website, and of course, our nbc 10 mobile app. now to decision 2016. vice president joe biden's wife weighing in on the pos b-52 to her husband running for president. a statement was released saying jill would be on board if her husband decides to run but stressed theville p has no the made a decision yet. early reports suggest jill biden was not supportive of a
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potential run. the deadline to submit a bid for the presidency is november 5th. republican presidential candida candidate climbing the polls and challenging donald trump. fiorina is in second place in cnn's latest national poll, edging out dr. ben carson. donald trump still leads but lost eight points this month. 44% of those polled saw him as the candidate who could best handle the economy. in her first sunday show appearance in four years, democrat hillary clinton called trump out. >> he is fueling a level of paranoia and prejudice. >> in that same cnn poll, wisconsin governor scott walker scored less than a half of a percentage point. he was once a gop's leading candidate. and the poll was conducted before dr. ben carson came under fire for comments that he made on nbc's "meet the press." take a look. >> no, i don't -- i do not.
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i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> this comes just days after a controversy involving gop presidential front-runner donald trump when he declined to correct a man when he said president obama was muslim and not american. >> you judge candidates for president not on their religion, not on the color of their skin, but on their ideas on what they stand for. that's what democracy is supposed to be about. >> carson's campaign later clarified his remarks, saying he was -- he has great respect for the muslim community and believes that muslims should be allowed to run but just doesn't believe the american people are ready for that. and republican presidential candidate marco rubio had a meet and greet with voters this morning in atlanta. the florida senator is making campaign stops ahead of a round of primaries in march in several key southern states.
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we had a lot of sunshine during the day yesterday, especially during the afternoon, but things have certainly changed, cloudy skies, also tracking some showers. we got a cooler week than last week. on the mild side instead of warm. that does not mean they are done with the really warm weather. forecast for the papal weekend is part of the 7-day forecast now. look at those cloudy skies, with us for hours, going to be with us the rest of the day three degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. 62 in reading, doylestown, westchester, pretty cool for this time of the day at this time of the year. average high is 77 degrees and not going to get there today.
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we were above last week, below today. the shore, the wind off the ocean there is going to be a high risk current risk over the next couple of days. a huge area, not big storm or anything, it does pose a chance of some rain, especially during the late afternoon rush, places like new castle county, chester county, berks county and parts of the philadelphia area. lower chance of rain is near the jersey shore and southern delaware, you can see it continued to move up toward the lehigh valley during the evening hours. there is chance of rain later in the week that depends what happens with this storm to the south. some computer models bring the moisture up later in the week. this particular one, european model, overall best in the
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world, keeps that storm far enough to the south so that the rain gets close but not quite up here. obviously something we are going to have to watch carefully during the week. we certainly can't guarantee anything at this point. mostly cloudy and cooler, chances the afternoon, high temperatures averaging in the low 70s. some areas north and west aren't even going to get to 70. then tomorrow, another mostly cloudy day. and when the sun starts to come back in the middle of the week, the temperature should go up, 80, a little bit above. then we cool down later in the week as the east wind comes back and the clouds increase, too. >> thank you, glenn. no secret that exercise can help people of all ages stay healthy but a new study shows exercise can also help teens deal with another potential challenge in their lives. ahead, see who could benefit from working out in more ways than one. another live look now at eastern cuba, where pope francis
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is celebrating mass at the moment. we will check back on his trip to the island, coming up.
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take another live look now at revolution square in holguin, cuba. it is a coastal up to very popular among tourists because of its beaches. about 350,000 people living in this town.
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pope francis celebrating his second outdoor mass on his trip to the island. we will bring you looks of the pope's trip to cuba throughout the newscast. a new study finds exercise may help depression. researchers found bullied teens who worked out four or more days a week weren't as sad as those who didn't get as much physical activity. regular exercise was linked to a 23% reduction in suicidal thoughts or attempts. >>ny research shows teens with bull lima recover faster than parents -- than when parents are involved in their treatment. the weekend on the water turns dangerous.
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the drama was caught on camera. coming up, tell you about the daring rescue after a boat fire. and hundreds of migrants on the march. we will have the latest developments in a growing crisis happening overseas. here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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it is just about 11:30 and pope francis is continuing his historic visit to cuba right now. here is a live look as the holy father is celebrating mass in holguin. cultural events greeting the holy father. cuba's third largest city, holguin is. the holy father flew into holguin this morning where singing children and a small crowd waving cuban and vatican flags greeted the pontiff at the airport. pope's arrival in philadelphia
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is just five days away now but parking restrictions are already in place. if you don't follow the rules, you risk being towed and paying a ticket. the no-parking zone expanded about two and a half hours ago. people parked in the areas you see here shaded in yellow had to move their cars by 9:00 this morning. nbc 10 cameras caught crews towing cars near the ben franklin parkway. the philadelphia parking authority just told us that they towed 67 total cars last night. drivers do have the option of buying a $20 placard that will let them leave their cars on the street until thursday and then they can move them into a parking garage. you will find a sea of orange at philadelphia international airport. about 1,000 volunteers will be greating and helping travelers now through next month. the volunteers are stationed at the various baggage claims, walking around or standing at kiosks. they are armed with information to help make the world meeting of families as seamless as possible for people visiting from out of town. and as we get closer to the
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arrival of pope francis to philadelphia, former members of several shuttered parishes are calling on the holy father to save philadelphia's catholic churches in danger of closing. they held a rally yesterday outside a church in spring garden it closed in 2013. organizers dubbed the rally journey for hope. they want to draw attention to the number of churches closing throughout the archdiocese of philadelphia. the group is home pope francis' presence will help bring about some change. we didn't have any closing of recent parishes right now, but we know that as long as he leaves philadelphia, our archbishop is going to go back to what he was doing before, putting us aside. we want to prevent that from keep on going. the group plans to hold a hunger strike until church leaders agree to meet to discuss the future of parishes in the city. and women's rights in the catholic church was the focus of a vigil outside the cathedral
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pass -- basilica peter and paul last night. only men can serve as ordained priests. and tap on the nbc 10 app for important information like parking restriction and road closures, plus what you can and can't bring to the events on the ben franklin parkway. and a live look now at lincoln financial field from our financial exclusive eagle's nest camera. eagles fans were not too happy with what they saw here yesterday, as the eagles dropped their home opener to the cowboys, 20-10. people may not be happy with some changes in the weather a little bit later on today. nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz, a big eagles fan, here now with the forecast. glenn? >> yeah. you're going to be less upset by
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what happens later today than what happened late yesterday. that's for sure. we have got some clouds. we will have some rain in parts of the area. we need some rain. now, this is cape may from the marquis delafayette. kind of cool at the shore over the -- well the entire week, 'cause we are going to have onshore winds much the showers are pretty far to the west right now, so cape may and other parts of jersey shore, the farthest parts of our area away from the rain. got a few sprinkles perhaps in the washington area but most of the action is to the west and should stay to the west in our area. so, our western counties, berks county, chester county, even new castle county, is, in affect, west of philadelphia. and the lehigh valley, you get a chance of some of that light rain, generally light rain, later on this afternoon and into
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the evening hours. and it's going to stay cool today. warms this up week. the rest of the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> see you then, glenn. checking out our top stories now, investigators trying to figure out how a building fire started this morning in north philadelphia. skyforce10 he was over the scene at 16th and indiana, where we are going to find out if anyone there was hurt. police believe a motorcycle gang is behind a shooting that killed one man and injured three others at a bar in northeast philadelphia yesterday. gunfire broke out after 6 p.m. at the tang gar ray tavern, this is on pratt street. a 34-year-old man died in the shooting. we don't know his name yet. police say at least two of the victims are in critical condition, including the suspect. and philadelphia police say they found a 12-year-old girl who was missing since yesterday afternoon. they confirmed girl was located last night at children's hospital of philadelphia. authorities in lake county, california, say a wildfire has
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destroyed another 162 homes, bringing the total to more than 1,000 homes that have been burned. meantime, crews were just starting to get control of the fire in monterey county when the flames grew more intense yesterday. people living in the path of the fire say there was little time left when the evacuation order came. >> pretty upset because i know nine or ten homes are burnt and probably on our street. i had round everybody up and my photo albums, that's about it. >> fires killed at least three people in lake county. in monterey county, authorities say the death of a man found from the source of the wildfires is being investigated as suspicious. they say he may have taken his own life. some good news for firefighters working to get the upper hand on the beaut fire. it's now 70% contained. people forced to evacuate their homes are relying on the generosity of family, friends and local churches organizing
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collections to help those in need. and a close call off the coast of texas this weekend after a yacht caught fire in the galveston bay. the terrifying homes were caught on cell phone video. take a look. on board were four people, including a child. and they weren't sure what to do. the yacht was engulfed in flames and sinkinged by the time help arrived. it came from two fishermen who chartered a boat nearby. >> screaming, yo, throw the kid, throw the kid, get him in the water, that was my initial -- my priority was to get him safe and on my boat and i was just frying god saying please don't blow up, please don't blow up, because, you know, in that situation, and the names were so tall, it was just -- it was just a miracle that we got them all to safety. >> the yacht's owner says the fire started in the engine but the coast guard is continuing to investigate. and now to the migrant crisis in europe. croatian authorities have set up a migrant reception center in an eastern village.
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officials are trying to restore order into the unrelenting chaos of thousands of migrants and refugees who are seeking sanctuary in europe. croatian authorities said 27,000 people fleeing the conflict in the middle east, africa and asia have entered the country since hungary shut its border with serbia last week. hundreds of migrants marched along a highway in istanbul today to try to reach a western city that borders with greece. migrants have been waiting at bus terminals since tuesday, last tuesday. they protested after being stopped from boarding a bus to travel to the border. turkey had been widely praised for welcoming 2 million syrian refugees in response to the refugee crisis but now a keep jumping off point for those trying to reach europe in hopes of finding work. the chief of the u.n. nuclear agency says while it agreed to have iranian experts take samples for signs tehran worked on nuclear weapons, the
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investigation still meets strict agency standards. u.n. experts usually do that sampling. the head of the agency says iranians took samples at their parchman military site where the agency expects explosive triggers might have been tested. and now to decision 2016, things are certainly getting interesting in the republican race for president, thanks to a strong debate performance, carly fiorina is now in second place behind donald trump. here's nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: this morning, two top-tier republicans are on the defensive, ben carson telling nbc's chuck todd he would not support a muslim president. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> reporter: later, carson's campaign clarified his statement, insisting he has great respect for the muslim community, but he just doesn't believe the american people are ready for a muslim president. donald trump still fending off
11:39 am
questions about his failure to correct a questioner who wrongly claimed president obama is a muslim and blamed muslims for being a problem in the u.s. >> i have friends that are muslims. . they're great people, amazing people. but we certainly do have a problem. i mean, you have a problem throughout the world. >> what's the problem? >> well, you have radicals that are doing things. i mean, it wasn't people from swede than blew up the world trade center. >> reporter: both controversial comes come after another shakeup in an already unpredictable republican race. trump's lead dwindling, down eight points since the start of september and catapulting over carson, carly fiorina, fresh off her strong debit showing, after fee juror rena targeted trump on the debate stage. i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> reporter: trump is firing back. >> she's got a good pitter party, but if you listen to her for more than five minutes straight, you get a headache. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. just minutes ago, the council on
11:40 am
islamic -- american-islamic relations responded to carson's comments. the group is urging carson to withdraw from the presidential race and maintains that freedom of religion is protected under the u.s. constitution. long ago, some people thought that a catholic cannot be a president, an african-american cannot be a president. they were wrong then and they are wrong now. and that's why we say, mr. ben carson is wrong today to assume and say that american muslim cannot be a president of the united states. >> cair says it wants to use the case as a teachable moment and offering free copies of the koran for those who want to learn more about islam. and the girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania will hold a ceremonial groundbreaking today to symbolize the kickoff of a $5 million investment in its camps. the event happened this afternoon at camp shelley ridge
11:41 am
in lafayette hill, montgomery county it is part of the campaign for girls. the organization hopes to spruce up three of its six current campsites. it will be a history making event tonight in the lehigh valley as the flyers face off with the new york islanders at ppl center in allentown. it's the team's first preseason game and will be the first ever nhl game played in the lehigh valley. the ppl center is home of the flyers' ahl affiliate, the lehigh valley phantoms. the two teams take to the ice at 7:00 tonight. and we will take another live look at revolution square in holguin, cuba, pope francis celebrates his second outdoor mass on his trip to the island. of course, speaking his native tongue, spanish. we will continue to bring you live looks at the pope's trip to cuba throughout the newscast. well, apple makes changes to its app storm the tech giant has removed some apps. find out why, coming up.
11:42 am
glenn? >> well, we are going to be blessed with beautiful weather for the papal visit next weekend? i will show you ahead in my 7-day forecast.
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about a quarter to 12 noon, a live look at revolution square in who will gwen, cuba, as pope francis celebrates his second outdoor mass to his trip to that island nation. later in the evening, he will head to santiago, which is
11:45 am
cuba's second largest city. red is a popular choice when it comes to cars despite half americans think the color affects insurance rates a report he rhee leased by debunks that myth. color does not have -- does not affect insurance and if you think items stolen from your car are covered by insurance, well, you are wrong. unfortunately, that, too is also a myth. and big troubles for volkswagen. the german auto makers a share fell 20% after it told u.s. dealers halt sales of some 2015 diesel cars. the company reveal it had rigged u.s. emissions tests for half a million diesel cars. the cars are not under recall and the epa says car own ers do not need to take any immediate action. vw could be fined $18 about, with a b, billion dollars. apple is removing some of the most popular apps used in china from its app store after hear, got developers to use fake
11:46 am
software to create those programs. cyber security firms say there's no evidence yet any personal data was stolen. apple hasn't said what steps users should take to determine if their apps are affected. this could be a black eye for the company, which has long prided itself on security measures to screen software in its app store. well, if you plan on spending yesterday on the couch watching your favorite netflix shows, you were out of luck. amazon, which hosts servers for several major websites in the cloud, suffered an outage for five hours yesterday morning. the outage affected not only netflix, but amazon video, red debt, tinder and others. am flames with on issues at its cloud facility in virginia. well, dealing with a sick or injured child can take an enormous psychological toll, but it can also have a devastating financial impact on a family. and one local organization is working to help them.
11:47 am
the organization called fred's footsteps and they are here to tell us more about the execut e executive -- here to tell us more about it is the executive director christine. welcome, christine. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> before we talk about the event, tell us more about the organization and how it got its name and your connection. >> fred's footsteps is a non-profit organization that helps local working families to stay on their feet during a child's illness. we provide funding for household bills so that families [ inaudible ] and also provide [ inaudible ] >> what are some of the challenges families face who have a sick child? >> while insurance may be in place [ inaudible ] needs to be out of work to stay with their
11:48 am
child, there's a big income gap. and to fill that gap in order to keep their home and keep their is a huge challenge for families. and that's where we step in to help them so that when their child one day is hopefully all better, [ inaudible ] >> to say nothing of the psychological stress that it places on a family between mother and father, husband and wife and the other children. there are almost always other children in these families. absolutely. >> tell us now more about the golf event, big event you have coming up. we are hosting the 11th annual fred footstep's golf fun day on september 28th. this year [ inaudible ] at both golf mills and philadelphia country club. it is our largest fund-raiser and we have a lot of support from the community. independence blue cross is our presenting sponsor. thanks for coming in.
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thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you so much for having me. >> good ph mills. a lot of sunshine yesterday a different story today and there are some showers that could be on our doorstep during the afternoon rush. we will be tracking them. we have got a cooler week than what we saw last week. but it's looking like next week might get warm again. so we are not done with the warm weather. and forecast for the papal weekend, of course, within the 7-day forecast. look how ominous it looks out there. the clouds will be getting thicker and thicker and there just isn't very much rain close
11:50 am
by. so, it looks a little worse than it really is. 68 degrees with the cloudy skies, east northeast wind at 11 miles an hour. three degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. poconos, the clouds, too. probably get showers after 7 or 8:00 tonight. and for the temperatures, 63 in allen town, 62, reading, pottstown, so it is kind of chilly north and west with the clouds pretty thick. 68 in philadelphia. 66 in wilmington. 66 also in wrightstown. and right at the beaches, the wind is coming in off the ocean and it's coming in strong enough so that that temperature is not going to rise very much. but they are also not going to get the rain, because the rain is farther to the west and so, first washington gets it and then perhaps chester county in our area, berks county, as we head toward the late afternoon portion of the rush, new castle
11:51 am
county getting a little, there is some in mongomery, then bucks and the lehigh valley and the poconos get it generally after 7:00 so that would be after the rush. you can see much of new jersey, just cloudy during all of this and this whole system tends to weaken. then our eyes are going to focus to the south and we are going to watch the storm develop out in the ocean, gonna have big circulation with it, going to continue our northeast wind for much of the week, preventing it from getting too warm and the question is just how far north does this moisture get? doesn't look like the storm itself is going to come up, but will the northern edge of the rain get up here? this particular computer model keeps it to the south, but just barely and that is friday, so you can tell that it's a relatively close call here. right now, we are expecting the rain to stay to the south. that's been our forecast since last week.
11:52 am
cloudy and cooler air chance of showers toward the afternoon rush, especially in western sections. temperatures get nothing the low 70s in the philadelphia area, not even out of the 60s north and west. then for tomorrow, another day with a lot of clouds, especially in the morning that will keep the temperature down some. and then, more sunshine equals warmer weather, as we get near 80 degrees wednesday and thursday, then some of those clouds start to come up from that southern system. again, right now, we are keeping the rain to the south on saturday, although we have the clouds in and then start to see improving weather sunday. and we will be right back.
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have a look of our game of the week for thursday. note the special date because of the pope's visit to our area, south philly, central, bart tram and gratz. i wonder why you're for that central game. log on via the nbc 10 website,, call or text the number right there on your screen. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, an all-new ellen with ricky gervais and chris cornell. then nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, a new report on obesity shows how scales tip in pennsylvania, new jersey and
11:56 am
delaware. we will show you where your state stands and how the results differ, depending on able. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now to an update on our top story, pope francis is celebrating mass before thousands of people in holguin, cuba. in his whomly, the holy father's calling on cubans to heed jesus christ' imitation to overcome resistance to change. the pontiff says christ challenges us daily to believe in the possibility of personal transformation. it's the pope's third day on the island and he will visit a shrine today before traveling to cuba's second largest city of santiago. >> now, nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a final check of the forecast. >> one thing we can tell you about this upcoming weekend is that it's going to be relatively comfortable. it is not going to be hot and humid. that's for sure. this afternoon, certainly not hot and humid either. cloudy with a few showers during the latter portion of the rush,
11:57 am
especially from philly westward and we tend to dry out a little bit toward the middle of the week. >> yeah, very nice. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, i'm vai sikahema. have a good day.
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. >> hope: and chad never gave an alibi for paige's murder. >> rafe: not so far. >> hope: no, he's looking good for both killings. >> rafe: well, chad says he's being set up. >> hope: do you believe that? >> theresa: well, that's everything. eve? it's the rest of paige's things, except for three dresses i left on her bed. you can choose which one you want to... for her to wear... for the funeral.


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